Instructions – Linux

Instructions – Linux

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Provided instructions cover step-by-step procedure of how to use the Exium Client on Linux (Ubuntu) machine.



  • OS : Ubuntu 18.04 or above
  • RAM : Minimum 4GB
  • CPU : Minimum 2
  • Architecture : x64


Users receive email with workspace and username details when they are on boarded by Admin on a workspace. 

workspace_name and username in below command must be replaced with actual values before command execution.

Command to install Exium Linux Client:

# sudo apt update; sudo apt install curl -y; curl -s | bash /dev/stdin workspace_name,username

Above command will install the client software, login and connect service to smart location.

If login fails due to typing error while providing the workspace_name and username parameters in above command, users can refer below section for login manually.


Execute below command:

Select choice “1” and provide workspace name & username shared by the administrator.

Click on the verification link, sent on the user’s registered email address or mobile number.


# sudo exium-cli login --interactive
****** Login Menu ******
1. Login
2. Exit

Choice: 1
Workspace: **********
Username: ******.**********
Checking Credentials--------> Done
Notification: Please check your email
Notification: We sent a verification link to s****y@e**t and to mobile ****1860. This link is valid for 10mins.
Verifying User------------> Verified
Verifying User Certificates-----> Success

Service Connection

Execute below command to connect the client to smart location (nearby Cyber Node):

# sudo exium-cli connect

Service Status Check

Execute below command to disconnect the client:

# sudo exium-cli status

Service Disconnection

Execute below command to disconnect the client:

# sudo exium-cli disconnect

Log Upload

Execute below command to upload logs manually for Exium support team. By default, logs will be uploaded after every 24 hours

# sudo exium-cli setting log upload

Supported Commands

User can check supported operations by checking help:

# sudo exium-cli -h

Exium Client Command Line Interface

  exium-cli [command]

Available Commands:
  connect     Connect to have Secure Access
  disconnect  Disconnect
  env         Update Environment
  help        Help about any command
  interactive Interactive Command Interface
  login       Login to access Exium Service
  logout      Logout from Exium Client
  reload      Reload Config
  reset       Reset Service
  servers     Show Available Servers List
  setting     General Settings
  status      Show Status
  upgrade     Upgrade current version
  verify      Verify to access Exium Service
  version     Show version

  -b, --background   Run Operation in Background
  -g, --foreground   Run Operation in Foreground
  -h, --help         help for exium-cli
  -q, --quiet        Dont print messages on Stdout

Use "exium-cli [command] --help" for more information about a command.

GUI Access

Graphical user interface is also available for users to manage the client.

If installation, login, and verification are already completed from CLI then users will see home screen.

Check the machine’s IP address and use below URL on any of the browsers on local laptop:



Login and Verification

To use the services, user will need to activate using the process selected by the admin of your workspace. Refer email verification process mentioned below:

Email Verification

To use Exium service user’s email should be verified. Instructions are provided below to activate the app using email registered with Exium.


Enter the workspace detail provided by System Administrator for Exium SASE in the workspace textbox in the Email Activation Screen. Once done click on continue button.



Enter the username provided by System Administrator for Exium SASE in the Username textbox in the Email Activation Screen. Once done click on Next button.


An email will be sent to user’s registered email address with a verification link. After clicking on link, the client will be activated and “Home Screen” will be displayed.

Home Screen

After account activation, home screen will be displayed:

Start Button

To connect client/service click on the button at the “START” circle. Initially it will be in the Stopped state.

Smart location will connect client to nearby Cyber Node.

Cyber Node Selection

Click on the Server drop down to see the available servers. Select the server by clicking on it.

Search server by typing the name in “Search…” box on top in case server is not displayed on the screen.



Duration on screen shows since when the client is in connected state. When client is not connected then it shows the last connected session duration.


After clicking on DURATION, latency option will be displayed. It shows latency of the server client is connected to. If client is not connected, then it will show current latency of internet connection.


The client has drawer menu with some additional features.


Select the option to logout from current session


Select the option to display and change existing settings.

Settings page provides option to change log levels for debugging purpose. It also gives option to upload logs manually.


Select the option to view version information and the release notes.


Select the option to check out the Terms and Conditions.


Select the option to display company’s privacy policy.


Select the option to know more about Exium as a company.

Email Us

Select the option to contact us for feedback or any support. It will open system’s email client pre-populated with our support email.

Please also drop us an email to

Support Ticket

Raise a support ticket, by clicking on the “Support Ticket” option in the left drawer menu inside the client screen.

Visit the support link below: