Instructions – MacOS

Instructions – MacOS

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This document provides you with the step-by-step procedure of how to use the Exium Client for MacOS.



Here are some of the minimum requirements for the Exium app to work:

  • OS : MacOS 10.11+
  • RAM : Minimum 4 GB RAM
  • Architecture : x64
Here are the instructions on installing the Exium using the setup dmg from the download page.

First you download the installation package. Open the installation package, “Exium-Installer.dmg”. It will show the following window.


Double click on the “Exium Installer” icon to start installation. It will open the installation window and take you to the  the terms and condition screen.

Go though the terms and condition. You will need to click on Agree button to proceed with the installation.

Once you have clicked on the Agree button the installation starts. 

Click on next to start the installation process. Now installer will ask for the admin password to install the app.

After entering password, installer will download required files and install the application. Once completed the installation, it will show below window.

Click on “Exit Setup and Start Exium App” to launch the newly installed app. On successful installation you can see the Exium app in your launchpad.

  • Visit the “Applications” folder from “Finder”.
  • Locate “Exium” app.
  • Right click on it and select “Move to Bin”.



To use the app you will need to activate using the process selected by the admin of your workspace. Here are some of the ways in which you can activate the app to use our service.


To use our service your email should be verified. Here are the instructions to activate the app using your email registered with us.


Provide the workspace detail provided by your System Administrator for Exium SASE in the workspace textbox in the Email Activation Screen. Once done click on continue button.


Enter the username detail provided by your System Administrator for Exium SASE in the workspace textbox in the Email Activation Screen. Once done click on Next button.

Email Verification

When you click on the next button, an email will be sent to your inbox with a confirmation link. Once you click on the confirmation link the app will be activated and you will be taken to the “Home Screen”

Home Screen

Once you’re are successfully completed your email activation, you will be taken to the app’s Home screen.

Here are some of the features available on the Home Screen.

Connect Button

To get started with the app you can just go ahead and click on the button at the center of the screen. Initially it will be in the OFF state.

Using our Smart Location algorithm, the app will select the best possible server for you and connect to it.

Select a Server

When you click on the Server drop down you will be able to see the above popup. In this popup you will be able to select the server of your choice.

You can also search for the server. It is a very helpful feature as the server list will keep on increasing as we keep on adding new servers across the world.


Exium service app shows you the location of the server you have selected on the map.

The location is shown using a marker.


Duration shows you for how much time you are connected. When you are not connected then it shows you the duration for how much time you were connected in your recent disconnected session.


Whenever you tap to toggle to latency option the app will show you the latency of the server you are connected to. When you are not connected then it will show you the current latency of your internet.


The app has drawer menu in which you get some extra features. These has list of option which can be useful for you.


You can use this option to logout.


You can change some of the settings of the app using this option.


You can see the version information and the release notes.


You can click on this link to check out the Terms and Conditions for using our app.


This option will take you to the page which shows our privacy policy.


Using this option, you can know more about Exium as a company.

Email Us

If ever you want to contact us for feedback or any support, you can click on this option in the app left drawer menu. It will open your system’s email client pre-populated with our support emails.

You can also drop us an email to

Support Ticket

You can raise a support ticket, by clicking on the “Support Ticket” option in the left drawer menu inside the app.

You can also visit the support link below: