Stop Tomorrow’s Threats. Today.

Activate instant protection, unified management, and 360-degree visibility with Exium’s 5G powered Zero-Trust Network Security

Zero Trust Access

Connect any user to any app anywhere with carrier grade security.

Simple and smooth deployment

Say goodbye to time consuming onboarding and setup. Deploy best-of-breed networking and security in minutes - not months.

Reduce complexity and cost

Forget security tool sprawl and alert fatigue. Exium consolidates networking, security, threat prevention, visibility, controls, and governance in one cloud service.

A modern platform for your modern enterprise

The security and performance of 5G combined with the flexibility and power of open source and the cloud

Integrated cloud-native networking and security

Exium delivers integrated networking and security in a single, autonomous platform that efficiently connects users, offices, and devices to your applications regardless of location.

Exium leverages the scale of 5G networking tightly integrated with full-stack, cloud-native security to transform how security and performance are consumed and managed.

Transform the way you manage your business

With the Exium Intelligent Cybersecurity Mesh platform, networking and security are no longer tied to a complex, costly stack of outdated hardware that impedes growth and introduces risk.

We deliver a holistic and autonomous cloud-native service that protects your organization from the rising tide of threats– empowering you to embrace cloud transformation and Work From Anywhere. 

What Experts are saying about Exium?

What are your Security and Cloud Migration Challenges?

Exium enables customers to gradually modernize their Security and network infrastructure for the digital business. You can address one or more of the use cases below at your own pace. No matter where you start, Exium will support you throughout your journey.


An all-in-one SaaS security service, CyberMesh simplifies the security of your organization by replacing the traditional, multi-vendor array of expensive network security devices.


Secure SD-WAN combines the best aspects of traditional SD-WAN with full-stack, enterprise grade security to simplify connecting and securing branch locations.


Distributed workforces can safely connect to internal and cloud applications, click on web links, and open email attachments without the fear of infecting their devices. Embrace the cloud with the confidence to keep your distributed workforce secure wherever they are.


Exium CyberMesh protects your cloud applications by offering unified, cloud-native security that is holistic across enterprise and purpose-built for fast and secure application experiences.


CyberMesh provides complete zero trust access controls to all your applications to ensure only the right individuals and devices access only what they need every time.


Instantly deploy private 5G network services for newer user experiences, mission-critical business applications, and industrial automation applications

The impact of Cloud-Native and Simplicity

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Global Cloud PoPs to support any business location or user

99. 0 %

Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA)

24x7x 0

Cyber Operations Center (CybeROC)

0 %

Reduce TCO by 60% While Increasing Agility

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Defense in Depth: More than Double the Security vs. Legacy Equipment

0 Mins

Up and Running in 5 Mins and Just as Easy to Manage

Global Enterprises Trust Exium

Maximizing the Value of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Requires Consolidation, Convergence, and 5G Compatibility

Converging SASE and 5G is likely to have significant performance synergies, as drawing security to the edge of the network will allow 5G enabled end-users to securely access applications. At the same time, SASE’s single-pass architecture will help securely deliver the performance promises of 5G. But it is unlikely that these two adjacent technologies can be seamlessly integrated, as their core architectural differences mean that integration can only take place by re-building SASE on 5G standards. Presently, only Exium’s ‘Intelligent Cybersecurity Mesh’ seems to promise complete 5G core integration.

ABI Research Report

Certified SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, CCPA and ISO 27001 Compliant

We adhere to the highest standards of software security compliance, so you can rest assured that your organization’s data remains fully protected.

CyberMesh delivers industry-leading application performance

Intelligent Cybersecurity Mesh is one of the world’s largest and fastest cloud-scale security platforms connecting and protecting your apps, data, devices, and users across a global business fabric. By utilizing the expanding cloud regions and edge sites across AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Oracle, Equinix, Exium provides more than 75 percent of global GDP with an experience of sub-20 milliseconds latency. 


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