One Platform to Replace Many Point Products

The Exium CyberMesh delivers 5 services from a single powerful platform

1. Secure Internet Access (SIA)

With Exium SIA, employees can safely connect to SaaS apps, click on web links, and open email attachments without the fear of infecting their devices.

Exium Secure Internet Access allows your employees to securely connect to public websites and third-party software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications over the internet from anywhere and on any device.

The trend in work-from-anywhere and BYOD policies means your employees are connecting to trusted and untrusted websites and SaaS applications around the clock. Using personal devices to access these third-party web services puts your corporate data and organization at considerable risk.

With Exium SIA, employees can safely connect to SaaS apps, click on web links, and open email attachments without the fear of infecting their devices. Our Intelligent Cybersecurity Mesh lets you embrace the cloud with the confidence you need to keep your distributed workforce secure wherever they are.

Unlike traditional solutions that require integrating separate point products, Exium SIA combines the best of secure web gateways, intrusion detection and prevention services, DNS, and CASB offerings into a single, easy-to-use, and cost-effective cloud-based service.

2. Secure Private Access (SPA)

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for remote employees

Exium Secure Private Access ensures zero trust security for remote employees connecting to your internal network from any device, at any time, and from anywhere.

Even with the trend toward higher cloud and SaaS adoption, organizations still have a variety of private applications that need the same level of secure and reliable access control. Regardless of whether these applications are hosted in the data center or at a third-party cloud provider, many of the same cybersecurity threats exist since employees are still connecting through a variety of personal and company-issued devices.

Traditional virtual private network (VPN) solutions lack the granular access control required for a zero trust security model. VPNs, for example, have no way of knowing whether the device authenticating to the network is in the hands of the right individual. Stolen credentials can grant access to the network and deliver a malicious payload weeks and months before ever being noticed. This can easily compromise the entire business.

Exium SPA overcomes this by providing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capabilities to provide secure remote access to internal private applications, regardless of whether they are hosted by a public cloud service provider or in your organization’s private data center.

With all traffic directed through a fully encrypted tunnel, your private applications are never exposed to the public internet. This, combined with its granular zero trust capabilities, ensures a higher level of security for remote employees connecting to your internal private network.

3. Secure Things (IoT/ OT) Access (STA)

Highest level of protection for all connected devices with end-to-end encryption and zero trust authorization.

Exium Secure Things Access (STA) ensures IoT and OT devices connecting to your network are secure and protected against cyberattacks that can infect your extended business.

Businesses of all types are moving rapidly to take advantage of IoT and industrial IoT technology to streamline operations and automate processes. However, every connected device on the factory floor or in the field introduces a host of vulnerabilities and expands the attack surface.

With billions of these devices connecting to corporate and industrial control systems, cybercriminals are finding new ways to launch attacks, steal sensitive data and disrupt public works and government services we rely on everyday. And with their limited processing power and memory, these connected devices often lack the security controls to keep them secure.

As an integral part of Exium’s CyberMesh platform, Secure Things Access (STA) can help. With its market-proven hardware Root-of-Trust (RoT) design, STA ensures the highest level of protection for all connected devices with end-to-end encryption and zero trust authorization.

To overcome IoT device limitations, the Cyber Gateway (CGW) connector runs on a client’s existing IoT gateway and acts as an intermediary between IoT devices and the CyberMesh, extending a highly secure Zero Trust Path for end-to-end protection and performance.

4. Secure SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN)

Securely connects remote sites to an organization’s private network

Exium Secure SD-WAN solves network complexity while cutting total cost of ownership. Unlike legacy SD-WAN solutions, Secure SD-WAN combines additional security features for extended protection within a single offering.

Secure SD-WAN connects remote sites to an organization’s private network using Exium’s CyberMesh. This assures complete site protection from external threats by inspecting and securing all inbound and outbound traffic from the internet, as well as cross-traffic within the site itself. 

Deploying Secure SD-WAN can be done quite easily by running Exium’s Cyber Gateway (CGW) connector software on your choice of hardware and connecting it to the CyberMesh platform using one or more last mile connections. Flexible hardware support makes deployment and management easy, while enabling organizations to use their existing hardware. 

Once deployed, Secure SD-WAN delivers exceptional performance and high availability capabilities, such as active-active link aggregation, and dynamic path selection to overcome network outages or brownouts. Additionally, Secure SD-WAN includes advanced performance features, such as application prioritization and local breakout to ensure superlative quality of experience for end users.

With Secure SD-WAN, remote sites enjoy all the benefits of full-stack, enterprise-grade security without the hassle of having to deploy and manage an array of multi-vendor security appliances at every location. All traffic to and from remote sites gets the benefits of Exium’s Defense in Depth security stack, which includes next-generation firewall, secure web gateway, intrusion prevention, anti-malware, and more.

Farooq Khan July 25, 2023

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