5G Clean Network

World’s Only Pureplay 5G Overlay

Accelerating deployments of 5G for newer user experiences and mission-critical applications

Architected and Built from the Bottom Up

The only way to be sure a network is clean is designing and building it from the ground up. Many of the recent cyberattacks were possible because outdated, proprietary systems are still being used across organizations.


Safe, Secure, Trusted, and Resilient

Exium’s clean network is rooted in internationally accepted digital trust standards and utilizes only trusted hardware, software, and cloud-infrastructure. A globally distributed robust overlay architecture treats the internet itself as Zero Trust and rely heavily on strong encryption for all data transmitted, processed or stored anywhere on it.

5G Clean Network service is built on a globally distributed, open, programmable, reliable, and software-driven Intelligent Cybersecurity Mesh™ that is obscured from the public internet yet connects anything, anywhere, on any access with end-to-end encrypted trust paths.

Rooted in Internationally Accepted Digital Trust Standards

Exium’s clean network is rooted in internationally accepted digital trust standards such as the Criteria for Security and Trust in Telecommunications Networks and Services developed by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Prague Proposals, and the European Union’s 5G Toolbox

Fully-compliant with 5G Trust Model and Core Standards

The end-to-end clean network is fully-compliant with 5G core system standards developed by 3GPP for network access control – user/ device  identification and privacy – access authentication and authorization – data and control encryption and integrity protection – session and mobility management – packet processing – software-defined network (SDN) – edge computing – quality-of-service and policy control etc.

Safe, Secure, Trusted, and Resilient Network

Operate anywhere and anytime, regardless of the environment.


Robust overlay architecture provides the ability to securely operate globally over underlying networks  (4G, 5G, WiFi, Fiber/ Cable, and satellites) that may be compromised.

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Zero-Trust Architecture

By leveraging Forrester’s Zero Trust Model of information security, “Never trust, always verify,” all attempts to access data are challenged and validated at all times—irrespective of whether the attempted access to the system and data comes from inside or outside the organization. All traffic is threat traffic until it is verified that the traffic is authorized, inspected, and secured.

Encryption and Integrity Protection

5G standards-based proven security algorithms for user privacy, end-to-end data session encryption, and data integrity protection. The cryptographic keys are generated and stored utilizing Silicon Root of Trust technology for additional protection. 


Robust Overlay Architecture

Robust overlay network combined with Zero Trust architecture provides the ability to securely operate over underlying networks that may be compromised.

Globally Distributed Points of Presence

5G Clean Network leverages US dominance in the cloud space and runs on FedRAMP certified cloud-infrastructure and global backbone built and operated exclusively by US companies, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Operate anywhere and anytime, regardless of the environment. 

Creating Secure end-to-end Trust Paths

with clean hardware and software components


Exium’s 5G Clean network is rooted in internationally accepted digital trust standards and creates secure end-to-end trusted communication paths that do not use any transmission, networking, computing, or storage equipment from untrusted IT vendors.

xOPS Orchestration, Policy, Provisioning, and Subscriber Management

Automatically provision and deprovision services, users, and devices with full life cycle management. Integration with enterprise identity providers (IdP) such as Okta and Azure AD simplify and accelerate bulk user provisioning, onboarding and enable system admins apply security and network policies to every employee, regardless of where they are or what device they’re using.

xScale Analytics Engine

Automation of network, security, and cloud operations (NoOps) by utilizing big data, modern machine learning and other advanced analytics technologies. 

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Cloud Computing Technology

xCore Control Plane

Cloud-native, multi-tenant 3GPP Standards Release 16 compliant 5G control plane delivers core network functions, including AMF, SMF, PCF, AUSF, UDM, NSSF, and NWDAF etc.

xEdge Data Plane

Cloud-native, multi-tenant, shared data plane scales to Terabits/ s speeds for User Plane (UPF) and Non-3GPP Interworking Functions (N3IWF). Achieves up to 10x packet processing throughput using Vector Packet Processing (VPP),  DPDK, and SR-IOV technologies.

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Edge Computing

Application function (AF), local routing, traffic steering, and mobility events notification deliver edge computing applications requiring low-latency, bandwidth conservation, lower connectivity costs, and increased efficiency by processing information and running AI algorithms closer to the users and devices that require it. 

Zero-Trust Network Security

Switch to a Zero Trust network paradigm with strong encryption to block unauthorized users from viewing and accessing your sensitive, private company data.

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Network Acceleration

Take control of your business’ growth with a scalable multi-cloud network that promises premier performance throughout the stages of your business’ development.

Autonomous Threat Prevention

AI powered detection, prevention and automation. Set up your security posture to eliminate the slightest threat, intrusion, and unauthorized access attempt from malicious actors. 

Open and Observable 5G core

Exium partners directly with enterprises, system integrators, network operators, and Internet service providers to foster better integrations for Secure and Trusted 5G deployments. 


Smarter Integrations

Industry standard interfaces and APIs open to Any G, Any non-G, Any core, Any edge, Any device, Anywhere on and around the planet

Pureplay 5G core, built from the ground up using secure technologies. No legacy LTE software reuse. 

5G Network as a service ("NaaS")

Scalable, agile, full-stack 5G Core and Edge computing delivered from infinitely scalable hyperscale infrastructure for Enterprise Private 5G and Industry 4.0 deployments. 


Unmatched security and performance

Leverage the highest standards of network security to safely and securely introduce business-critical and mission-critical services with 5G New Radio (NR) deployments in new clean wireless spectrum.

Plug and Play 5G Radios

Plug in your 5G radios and they will automatically discover and attach to Exium’s 5G open core for management, control, security, and network acceleration services.

Maintain Data Ownership

Have full control over your data through a personalized done-for-you network while still enjoying the benefits of highly reliable carrier-grade 5G coverage and performance.

Automatic eSIM activation

Onboard users and devices within minutes with our cloud-based eSIM provisioning and activation technology.

Ultra-reliable and Low Latency Services

Capitalize on the 5G native edge computing capabilities to deliver local and customized services for richer user experiences and real-time industrial control applications. The reliability of 5G connectivity guarantees a stable and constant network connection anywhere and at any time on factory floors, ensuring the continuous and unhindered execution of business-critical missions. 

Hardware Security for Applications

Leverage SIM/ eSIM as hardware root-of-trust (ROT) to provide hardware grade of security for the applications using 5G authentication and key management for applications (AKMA) feature.

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Network Slicing

Customizable end-to-end slices, each optimized for the needs of the industry vertical and applications, to provide service differentiation and meeting end user SLAs. 

Converged 5G/ WiFi

Make the most of your 5G and WiFi assets by simultaneously leveraging both access networks for extra reliability, seamless mobility, and application-aware traffic routing and splitting.