Traditional security no longer reliable, SASE solutions on the up

At the same time, SASE’s single-pass architecture will help securely deliver the performance promises of 5G. But it is unlikely that these two adjacent technologies can be seamlessly integrated, as their core architectural differences mean that integration can only take place by re-building SASE on 5G standards. Presently, only Exium’s Intelligent Cybersecurity Mesh seems to […]

Exium, Teneo team to deliver digital experience, 5G-capable SASE platform

Work-from-anywhere IT services company and cyber security provider enter into partnership to assist lean enterprise IT teams in their transition to a secure access service edge Teneo has announced a partnership with Exium to assist lean enterprise IT teams in their transition to a secure access service edge (SASE), with the aim of further strengthening […]

What Security Tech Will CISOs Buy in 2022?

The big events of the last two years — COVID-19 and ransomware — put a fine point on the importance of cybersecurity. And in 2022 that’s going to translate into bigger security technology budgets. A recent ESG report, for example, found that 69% of technology decision makers say their organization will increase security technology spending this year, and IDC forecasts security product […]

Equinix opens 5G and Edge Technology Development Center in Dallas

The first company to take advantage of the facility is Exium, which has run its Secure Edge capabilities to enable secure, seamless multi-access edge compute functionality with tightly integrated security and network functions that extend from the cloud to edge locations and to individual devices. Equinix says that deploying Exium’s technology in its data centers […]

Exium offers 5G network security to IBM EAM

IBM has chosen Exium as a network-as-a-service partner for companies using the IBM cloud to analyze data from edge devices spread across enterprise data centers and remote locations. Exium provides a secured 5G network for using the IBM Edge Application Manager (EAM). EAM is centralized software for deploying and managing analytics workloads on edge nodes across hundreds of […]

IBM taps Exium for 5G edge security

IBM selected security start-up Exium to help customers run AI or IoT applications across hybrid cloud environments, laying the groundwork for 5G-enabled IoT and private networking. The company will sell Exium’s services in tandem with its open source Edge Application Manager, with customers paying the start-up a monthly fee per device. Industrial automation, healthcare and […]

Exium Works with IBM to Deliver Edge Solution

Exium, a 5G cybersecurity startup, is working with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to offer edge computing based on Red Hat OpenShift. The deal is intended to be the first of a series of partnerships aimed at spreading Exium’s secure network-as-a-service (NaaS) across 5G-based hybrid cloud environments. Exium’s offering is already in trials with large enterprise customers, […]

Exium launches Secure 5G NaaS powered by a zero-trust Intelligent Cybersecurity Mesh

Exium announced the premiere of its Secure 5G network as a service, based on the emerging Clean Network standards being promulgated by the US, EU and other freedom-loving nations. Exium’s 5G network service is built on an open, programmable, reliable, and software-driven Intelligent Cybersecurity Mesh that treats the internet itself as Zero Trust and relies heavily […]

Exium, a ‘clean network’ company, comes out of stealth mode

Exium, a Palo Alto, California-based company focused on “clean network” standards that the U.S. government trumpeted last year, has emerged from stealth mode. Led by Farooq Khan, the company has announced its “Secure 5G network as a service.” The company’s network service is built on an open, programmable, software-driven cybersecurity mesh technology that relies heavily on strong encryption. […]

Exium Debuts “Clean” 5G for Private Wireless

An intriguing startup named Exium has released what it terms a Secure 5G network-as-a-service (NaaS) that follows U.S. “clean network” standards. The news is an interesting take on the issues of network security in private 5G wireless deployments. Exium, founded in 2019 by wireless telecommunications expert Farooq Khan (ex-Phazr, ex-JMA Wireless) offers what it calls a cybersecurity […]