NG Client (Windows) Deployment using Connectwise Automate

NG Client (Windows) Deployment using Connectwise Automate

This document describes steps to deploy Exium Agent Remotely to Windows using Connectwise Automate framework.

Step 1:

Login to the CW Automate portal and go to Automation section. Then Click on Scripts -> View Scripts. As shown below.


Step 2:

It will Open the Scripts tab. Then click on System Automation -> Deployment then Click on Add


Step 3:
It will open Script page/tab. Enter the details Name, Notes and Target. Under Then Right click then click onAdd

Step 4:

It will open Edit script step 1. Select the details as shown in image. Copy the script file shared by Exium team, then Click on Save button


It will look as below. Now Close the page.

Step 5:

We can see the script under Deployment section below. Now go to the Top Right-side corner and click on beside the User Icon. It will open drop down menu. Select Reload System Cache. It will update the system cache


Step 6:

Now go back to the Main page. Now Select Computer then Right Click on it and select the script to deploy as shown below.

Step 7:

It will show 2 options, Run Now and Later (Scheduled).


Step 8:

Once you click on Run It will show message like below. If you Selected Run now It will start deploying Immediately. For Schedule deployment, it will deploy as per scheduled time.


ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate is the RMM solution that gives complete access and control over agent and agentless devices across the entire network. It allows remotely access endpoint devices, either manually or automatically, without disrupting users while resolving performance and/or security-related issues.

Detailed docs at: