NG Client Installation and Configuration – Mac

NG Client Installation and Configuration – Mac

The current Exium clients/agents use proven IPsec protocol for encrypting and authenticating network communications. Exium will also be offering next generation (NG) clients supporting the new WireGuard protocol, which is designed with the goals of ease of use, high speed performance, and low attack surface. Following steps elaborate on installation, configuration of NG client on a Macbook.

1. Invite mail to Install Client

As a first step, you have to Click on Mac button on welcome mail as shown below. You will receive welcome mail when workspace admin adds you as user either manually or IDP. Note that welcome mail links are valid for 1hour only. After link is expired, you need to request for re-invitation from your workspace admin.

2. Install Client

As next step, Click on Download and Install Agent button as shown below. This will open WireGuard app in Mac App Store. Click on GET button to install client.

3. Download Tunnel Configuration file

As next step, Click on Download Agent Configuration button as shown below. This will download the agent configuration file to Downloads folder.

4. Import Configuration file

Click on WireGuard icon in tray (top bar right side) and Click on Import Tunnel(s) from File…. It will open File upload window. Select the configuration file downloaded in previous step and Click on Import.

Click on Allow when access permission dialogue opens as shown below.

5. Activate Tunnel

Finally Click on Activate button as shown below.


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